Navigating Organizational Challenges with Empathy and Expertise

Client Overview:

Our client, a prestigious private equity firm, had invested in a rapidly growing farm-to-home delivery startup in its series B funding stage. Despite the startup’s nationwide presence and initial success, challenges arose prompting the private equity firm to reevaluate the business’s viability. Facing the possibility of right-sizing or closure, the firm sought our expertise to navigate this critical juncture from an HR perspective.

Client Challenge:

The private equity firm grappled with the decision to restructure or potentially close the operations of the startup. Understanding the human implications of such decisions, they sought our assistance in evaluating people costs, crafting a comprehensive strategy, and executing transparent communication with stakeholders.

Our Approach:

We commenced the assignment with in-depth discussions with the founders and the private equity firm, gaining insights into the company’s current state and future prospects. Despite the urgency of the situation, our approach focused on empathy, expertise, and seamless execution, completing the project within an expedited timeline of just 45 days:

  • People Cost Analysis: Conducted a detailed analysis of people costs within the first week to inform strategic decisions, presenting our findings and recommendations to the client.
  • Comprehensive Strategy Development: Leveraged our experience to devise a comprehensive strategy tailored to the client’s unique situation, ensuring alignment with their objectives and values within the first two weeks.
  • Transparent Communication Plan: Developed a detailed communication plan within the first three weeks to maintain transparency and fairness throughout the process. Crafted written communications, organized town hall meetings, and conducted briefing sessions with key leadership to facilitate effective communication.
  • Severance Package Design and Implementation: Designed a fair severance package for affected employees within the first four weeks, overseeing calculations, settlements, and on-site support to address employee concerns and inquiries.

Results Achieved:

Despite the tight timeline, our intervention yielded positive outcomes, enabling the client to navigate the organizational challenges with minimal disruption and maximum empathy:

  • Seamless Execution: The strategy was executed seamlessly within the 45-day timeframe, with transparent communication fostering trust and minimizing backlash.
  • Employee Support: Affected employees were provided with fair severance packages and empathetic support throughout the transition, mitigating negative impacts on morale and retention.
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction: The private equity firm expressed satisfaction with the outcome, recognizing our role in facilitating a smooth and respectful process.


Through our empathetic approach and strategic expertise, we empowered our client to navigate complex organizational challenges with confidence and integrity, completing the project within an expedited timeline of 45 days. By prioritizing transparency, fairness, and employee well-being, we facilitated a successful intervention that upheld the client’s reputation and values.

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About the author :

Mohit Bhatia , Managing Partner & Mentor Atrios Consulting, is an HR Leader with experience across multiple industries and geographies. He has held leadership HR positions in Northern Trust Bank, Citigroup, Mahindra Holidays and J&J; and has been an HR Advisor for the last 8 years.

These cases were managed by Mohit over the last few years. Given the unique nature of the problems and their solutions, we are sharing these for learning and reference purposes.

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